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INTERCONTOR Hellas is a leading transport company providing complete international forwarding  services. We   provide  support  to  trade  and  industry  through  the  international   exchange   of  products  via  road, airsea and rail transportation,  in  addition  to all  related  services  also  in storage, logistics  and  packing  removals.

Through  continuous  development,  we  have  created  technical  services  of  the  highest quality,  offering   the  most  secure,  flexible  and  advanced  methods  in  the  transportation  of  goods.

Among  our distinguished  clients  around the world  are  not  only  trading  companies  and  factories, but  also  other  forwarding  companies  who  co-load with us having  confidence  in  our  neutrality  and  good  service. Time has come for “co-operations instead of competition only” among transport and/or logistics companies. INTERCONTOR is continuously looking (with success) for synergies among the collegues.

Our  long-time  experience, highly-skilled  and  passionate  staff  and  our  mission  can guarantee  you  a  safe  and  flexible  treatment  of  your  goods,  always  with  respect  to  the consumer  and  the  environment.

Company values & mission

We wish that customers say about us: “It’s rare to find such exceptional customer service...You have won my trust and my friendship! My transportation was nifty keen!"

Corporate social responsibility

Acting responsibly as an international transport company is not an optional extra.  It is the starting point for everything we do.

Our initial CR (Corporate responsibility) - objectives include:
- having a motivated, engaged, high caliber workforce
- having a strong reputation in corporate citizenship that marks us as a partner of choice for customers and suppliers.

To achieve these objectives we are focusing on three priority areas:
- respecting the environment and human integrity
- making a positive difference to the community
- making INTERCONTOR a great place to work

Finally altogether we are working for making profits for a better future with our clients.


Chronological development

1959 Werner and Lula Hermann move from Germany to Athens, Greece.

1960 INTERCONTOR Hellas was founded and started its activities in Athens, Greece and since then has been playing an important role in the Greek and international forwarding industry.

1980 Werner EDW Hermann (the next generation) takes over the management of the company 1989 Start of INTERCONTOR Holland BV and in 1994 Hermann International Holding BV 2000 1994 Building of a warehouse next to the airport of Athens on a 8000 sqm terrain.

2004 Moving to the new premises from Athens to Koropi (airport industrial area). During the Olympic Games in 2004 INTERCONTOR did all the logistical work for the Dutch Television.

2007 ISO-Certificate. Our services are of excellent quality (INTERCONTOR Hellas has been certified 2007 with the latest ISO 9001:2000) and are characterized of competitive prices.

2010 Moving to new premises in Thessaloniki.

2011 INTERCONTOR Holland BV becomes member of the SEACON-Group for strengthening the financial background and boost new developments in forwarding between the BeNeLux and Greece.

Today Of significant importance are the regular and exclusive overland-traffics between Greece and Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Cyprus. Other countries are served by our excellent agents using Intercontor Hellas as a break-bulk-agent.