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Questions & answers

1. Which are your working-hours?
We open at 7.00 and close at 17.00
The warehouse opens at 7.00 and closes at 15.30
In case that the warehouse needs to be open some more hours or on Saturday/Sunday this is possible against overtime payment.

2. Which countries do you serve in overland trucking?
Holland-Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria.
Other countries such as United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, aso. are served on a co loading basis.

3. What is the transit-time under normal circumstances?
Usually 4-5 days. Departures mainly on Thursdays/Fridays.

4. Are the trucks all CMR-insured?

5. Do you distribute cargo within Greece?
Yes. We use national transport-companies when destinations are outside the greater Athens area (e.g. islands, central or north Greece, Peloppones).

6. Do you offer logistics?
We offer low grade logistics (not electronically supported).

7. Do you offer transport of hanging garments?
Yes, when required and distribute them too.

8. Are you interested in expanding your traffics also to other areas in future?
Yes, but only if we have sufficient capacities to serve the traffic and the clients properly.

9. You offer air- and sea-freight. Both imports and exports?
Yes. Since many years we act on a neutral basis as a break-bulk agent and after customs clearance we distribute the shipments. In exports we ship all seizes of cargo. A similar structure has our sea freight-department.

10. Do you have agents for air- and sea-freights?
Yes. We have agents belonging either to networks or are independent. But in this field there is no exclusivity.